An Unusual Opportunity

Not many would think a hotel chain is the place to spark a grand post-grad adventure, but that’s precisely what’s happening. The Graduate Hotels group is doing just that; they’re instigating a ‘Victory Lap’ amazing program exclusively for 2023 recent graduates—four lucky folks could bag a thrilling gig, where they wouldn’t just traverse enormous terrains but also gain practical experience.

Program Details

With the Victory Lap initiative, those specialists fresh out of university can put their academic caps beside them for a tad, and take an amazing whirlwind tour with Graduate Hotels. Touring sixteen of its locations over a sweet ten-week span visiting various college towns around the U.S. and U.K. What’s even more astounding is that they would also earn a cool $20,000 for their captivating content creation skills, celebrating the vibrant spirit of each location—Who knew?

But if you’re wondering how to apply for such a wondrous opportunity—the application is simple. All prospective explorers need to do is create and submit a 60-second TikTok or Instagram Reel highlighting their vivacious college towns, and what they reckon would make their content capture the essence of the places they visit. As long as you exude the zest for travel, are socially active, and can spin a compelling story, you might just fit the bill.

Spreading the Word

Apart from the picturesque tour, the chosen participants will also play roles in promoting the Graduate Hotels’ expansive brand portfolio in a kaleidoscope of consulting collaborations. They would actively collaborate with the field branding team, assisting in bringing attention towards the Graduate Hotels during campus events, networking with established local businesses and creating original content that reinforces the Graduate Hotels’ brand recognition—Some may say that’s quite on the money. They’ll light up social media platforms, stir up some kerfuffle, and usher more people to walk through their doors.

So Where Are You Headed? — Just some destinations

The itinerary is drool-worthy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit music-packed Nashville; the intellectual vibes in Ann Arbor, Michigan; the sublime natural beauty of Madison, Wisconsin; the innovative spirit of Palo Alto, California; or the historical significance of Providence, Rhode Island and New Haven, Connecticut? Get in touch with the best car accident attorneys in Arizona for protection across the USA. Then continue the trip in the U.K.—long story short—Oxford and Cambridge; the age-old seats of academia and tradition await!

Last Call

Super surprising is the fact that Graduate Hotels have over 30 properties spread across the U.S. and U.K. They’re expanding too—with four fresh additions in Auburn, Alabama; Austin; Dallas; and Princeton, New Jersey. So, if you really think about it, not only would graduates get to travel, experience and earn, but they would also carve unforgettable memories. One wonders … Are You Ready for the Victory Lap?

Visit to learn more about applying or to gather more in-depth information about this new program. You never know, your Victory Lap might just be a click away.