Unmissable Stories for the Curious-Minded

  • Travelling Home for Christmas? Storm Pia batters Britain, making it the 22nd prominent storm to hit the island this year with winds reaching 115mph in the Highlands and causing severe travel delays across the country.
  • Cocaine Central: As part of a radical new approach, Switzerland’s capital of Bern is pushing to legalise the sale of cocaine for recreational use after admitting that ‘the war on drugs has failed.’
  • Care to know your future? An experimental AI bot dubbed the ‘doom predictor,’ can reveal a person’s expected life outcomes, including their lifespan and projected lifetime earnings, with unnerving accuracy. In the experiment, the model ‘life2vec’ predicted with 78 per cent accuracy the risk of someone’s early death based on knowing their life story.
  • Is it farewell to the cost-of-living crisis? As U.K. inflation drops to 3.9 per cent, pressure mounts on the Bank of England to cut interest rates. However, many households are not out of the woods. The cumulative effect of over two years of inflation and reduced purchasing power are among the factors that determine wealth outcomes.
  • Counting Christmas: The average cost of Christmas this year starts just below £700 to just over £900, with Londoners spending the most at £973.
  • A Nightmare on Christmas: Yuletide is not the most tranquil time of year. Quite the opposite, actually. From ‘granny-dumping’ to electrical accidents from artificial Christmas trees, this is a trying time for A&E services.
  • Are YOU a mindful drinker? The World Health Organisation notes a 10-point drop from 2000 in heavy episodic drinking among young Europeans. Thanks to social media influencers that promote healthier lifestyles with #midfuldrinking and #sobercurious, as well as a rise in non-alcoholic options made available at cocktail bars, more young people today are choosing to drink mindfully rather than excessively.

That’s all from us this week. See you Next Year!

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