Despite fears earlier in the election campaign that new requirements for Voter ID and the summer timing may deter younger voters, a digital campaign to engage them has delivered hundreds of thousands of clicks to the government’s voter registration web page ahead of Wednesday’s deadline equating to over two hundred thousand registrations.

New data from Shout Out UK’s #BallotBound campaign to get younger voters to the polls, finds concerns about how to vote when on holiday and the potential positive impact on their credit score to be the top motivators driving young people to register.

The campaign targeted more than 2m young Britons on social media and its highest performing posts give insight into what’s on younger voters’ minds during an election campaign which has seen both major parties propose policies – from compulsory National Service to voting at 16 – which disproportionately affect them.

The top posts driving clicks through to the ‘Register to Vote’ page were:

  1. How to vote when you are on holiday

A summer election date during the university and Scottish school holidays triggered concerns, including from Scottish First Minister, John Swinney, that students and young people may be away or out of their constituencies on polling day. This appears to be borne out by our data: the post young voters clicked on most gave straightforward advice on how to register for a postal or proxy vote.

  1. Register to vote to improve your credit score

Our second most popular post showcased the little known positive impact of being on the electoral roll on young people’s credit score: A message that clearly resonated with young people at the sharp end of the cost of living crisis.

  1. 2024: The Global Year of Elections

In contrast  to some recent data pointing to young people’s disengagement from mainstream politics, a post highlighting 2024 as a historic year for young people around the world to cast their vote came in third place.

At a critical inflection point for the General Election campaign and with some commentators pointing to the significance of young people’s votes in crucial swing constituencies, the electoral importance of this demographic would appear to be growing.

In response to these results, Chloe Field, NUS Vice President Higher Education, said:
“When the election was called for early July, we were concerned that this would severely hamper many students’ efforts to engage in democracy: we might be between addresses, or away from campuses outside of term time. However, a recent study by HEPI and NUS found that the student vote dispersing outside of historically safe seats could swing 50 seats across the country. Students, if you will be unable to vote on the 4th July, make sure you register to vote by post or by proxy. Remember that wherever you vote from, you could have a massive impact on the result of this General Election.

Matteo Bergamini MBE, CEO & Founder, Shout Out UK, said:
“Ensuring every single young person has the information they require to engage and have their voice heard is paramount to a functioning democracy. So I am proud that we are running our largest pre-election digital voter registration campaign to date. We all have a right to know how to take part in our democracy, we all have a right to be Ballot Bound”

About Shout Out UK: 

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