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Young people avoid talking politics on social media for fear it will harm future job prospects

We recently surveyed 6,259 British people under the age of 18, and discovered that more than three quarters (78%) think that talking about politics on social media will hurt their chances of getting a job in the future, 15% think…

0 Comments / 10/01/2018

The Importance of Political Literacy with Cat Smith MP

On Tuesday the 14th of November, Shout Out UK hosted an event in Parliament on the Importance of Political Literacy. Speakers and organisations included TV’s Aaron Roach Bridgeman, Cat Smith MP, Lord David Blunkett, My Life My Say, UK Youth…

0 Comments / 30/11/2017

School completes Political Literacy Course and then has surprise visit from John McDonnell

The students at the London Oratory School had a surprise visitor during the final week of Shout Out UK’s Political Literacy Course.   The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, visited the school to listen to the students deliver…

0 Comments / 16/11/2017

Shout Out UK Celebrates Political Literacy for Parliament Week Yesterday!

On November 14th Shout Out UK gathered representatives and members from youth-led organisations, student leaders, and political figures to discuss the importance of political literacy in celebration of 2017’s Parliament Week.   With the purpose of addressing the fundamental importance…

0 Comments / 15/11/2017

Young People Talk Media Literacy at the US Embassy

On Tuesday the 31st of October, Shout Out UK continued their #MediaMinded event at the U.S. Embassy in London with a host of GCSE and A-level students. With the sheer quantity of information and polarising opinions expressed through new, traditional…

0 Comments / 02/11/2017