Whether you’re travelling to a winter destination, to the tropics or to Europe, some items are essential for any holiday. Sometimes packing and getting organized can be the worst part of a holiday but it doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated.

Let’s have a look at getting your holiday essentials sorted:

Before You Start

There are two categories when it comes to packing. Items you need to bring with you and the things you need to organize before you go. Have a look below at some the essentials you need to prepare before you pack your suitcase:

  • Flights — You need to make sure all of your flights are booked. Save, store or print copies of your tickets on your phone or travel wallet. Tickets tend to increase in price as it gets closer to the dates of travel so getting these sorted in advance is crucial.
  • Bus, Train and Boat Tickets — If you’re travelling by any of these methods the same applies as with flights. Print out your tickets so you have them to hand for your transfers etc.
  • Itinerary — Print out any itinerary that you have created.
  • Travel Insurance — Travel insurance should be organized as soon as you make your booking, it covers you for not being able to travel as well as costs you may incur when abroad because of medical treatment or loss of luggage, etc.
  • Passport — Your passport in general normally has to have around 6 months remaining on it in order for you to travel.
  • Visas — If you need a Visa for your destination it’s best to organize this well in advance, especially if they need to perform additional checks. If you’re not sure you need one, check the requirements of your destination before booking.
  • Digital Copies Of Your Documents — It’s a good idea to take a digital copy of things like your passport, driving license and relevant documents.
  • Accommodation — You need to sort out any accommodation before you travel, again print off any confirmation.
  • Vaccinations — You need to ensure that you have checked any requirements your destination might have for vaccinations in order for you to travel safely.
  • Prescriptions — If you need any medication on a regular basis you need to make sure you take your latest prescription with in order to take it abroad through customs, in some cases you might need to have a doctor’s letter.

Financial Things

There are a few essentials you need to carry with you when travelling, have a look below:

  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards — You should make sure you’re cards are both up to date and that you have informed the provider that you’re travelling abroad.
  • Travel Money — It’s a good idea to start looking at conversion rates and buy when you know the rate is good.

Luggage and Items To Pack

  • Backpack or Suitcase — If you’re going on a backpacking trip you’re going to want a decent backpack to carry all your necessities. If you require a standard suitcase like the ones you can find at the luggage shop Berlin makes sure you choose one that will be big enough to carry everything you need as well as following the allowances by the airline.
  • Packing Cubes — If you have a lot to pack you may find these useful to help organize your case or backpack.
  • Wash Bag — You want to have a decent washbag that is going to hold all your essential items and also prevent leaking.
  • Guide Books — You may just use your smartphone or tablet for this, however, nothing quite beats flicking through a paper copy of a guidebook.
  • Travel Wallet — Having a travel wallet means you can store your travel documents, passport, and financial items in one easy to carry place.
  • Clothing — You want to have a range of different options when you travel, depending on what you’re going to be doing will depend on what you need to pack Generally, you need to take some basic outfits for the day time, any special items such as walking boots if you’re going to be hiking and then some outfits for the evening. Try to wear your heaviest pair on the journey.
  • Swimwear — It doesn’t matter if you’re going to visit the beach, stay at your hotel or try some water sports, you need to make sure you pack some swimwear, especially when you’re travelling somewhere warm. Don’t take too many swimsuits though, you can always wash them in the sink whilst you’re there.
  • Toiletries — When travelling the majority of toiletries need to be packed in your case as you are limited through customs. Make sure you pack a high factor sun cream, some aftersun and a moisturiser. Make sure any makeup goes in your case and not your hand luggage. If you’re going for a trip that’s longer than a few days, you will need to take you’re shaving essential with you too.
  • Towels — Although some towels are provided by hotels, you may find that you still need to pack a beach or pool towel.

Electric Items

  • Chargers — If you’re taking a tablet, smartphone or camera then you’re going to want to make sure you remember the relevant charger. Taking a power bank is good for long journeys.
  • Headphones — Headphones can be a blessing when you’re travelling, it enables you to zone out when you need to and get some peace and quiet on noisy flights or trains.
  • Electrical Converters — Usually when you travel abroad they use a different type of plug socket, this means it’s essential to take a converter with you
  • Camera — The majority of people will use their smartphones to take pictures of their trip, but if you want to take professional photos it wise to take a camera and a case to store it in to keep it safe during travel.

This essential packing list should have you sorted with all your travelling needs. It will help you to have a stress free, well-organized packing experience. Do you have anything else that should be included on this list? Please add them to the comments section.


Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels