Have you just passed your driving test? Maybe you got your licence a while ago but haven’t quite gotten around to buying a car yet.

If you’re looking for your first motor, there are plenty of options available to you. But where to begin? There are so many makes and models out there. Even if you have an idea of the car you want, you then have to decide whether you want a new or used car.

To help, here’s a look at why a used or second-hand model could be the best choice for your first motor.

1. Bag a bargain

Used cars continue to be a preferred choice for many motorists across the UK, and a major reason for this can be put down to affordability. These older cars are less expensive to buy than brand-new models that have come straight off the production line. This can be a major plus, especially for drivers who need to reserve some of the money they spend on their motor for their insurance.

2. Lower insurance

However, used and second-hand models tend to come with cheaper insurance premiums. This is because it costs less for the insurer to replace a used car, whereas those who opt for a new one can pay more because it’s worth more.

In addition, brand-new cars are a lot more desirable to thieves, and this pushes up insurance premiums further. Selecting a used model can reduce the risk of theft and, therefore, the cover you pay reflects this.

3. Cheaper tax

New tax regulations came into effect in April 2017 which meant that almost every new car released after then saw a hike in car tax costs. Used cars registered before this date, on the other hand, are still subject to the previous tax regulations, so there’s a chance you can get a better deal if you opt for an older car.

4. Cheaper finance options

Used or second-hand cars are more likely to cost less to finance than their newer equivalents. This is because they’re cheaper to begin with as they’ve already depreciated in value before you buy. Although you won’t get as good a deal on interest rates as you would for a new car, this is still unlikely to see you pay as much on finance as you would for a newer model.

It’s worth taking the time to work out your options on finance. For example, if you see a used Toyota Aygo with a 2015 plate, it’s possible that you’ll get a better deal by opting for higher purchase (HP) for this than if you choose the 2019 equivalent on HP. Spend some time working out your finances and chat to the dealership to find the best used car for you.

5. Ready to go

Probably one of the best things about used cars is that there’s no waiting around. Once you’ve chosen your car and signed the documents you need to sign, you can take it away the same day. New cars involve a waiting time, especially if you’ve selected a specific spec, as it needs to be built.

So, will you go for a used model for your first motor? It can make financial sense to go for the older versions to begin with.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay