From the day we are born, the majority of us are taught one language only. Maybe some of us took a bit of Spanish, German or French in high school but we are not fluent in that either. This may not seem something big, but when one comes across the fact that there are 6,500 languages in the world, the mind gets blown away.

If you have a passion for learning a foreign language then you should never hesitate to go for it. Learning a language is not that easy but if you are determined, you will soon find out how many benefits you can reap from it. Let’s have a look at a few benefits of learning a foreign language

It Boosts Your Brain

Learning a new language is a complex task. When you are learning new words, you are assigning another recognition pattern to everything you have ever known. When your brain goes through this complex process, it ends up becoming sharper. Once you have learned a new language, your brain starts working faster. You develop much better cognitive thinking and your problem-solving skills become sharp as well.

Travelling Becomes More Fun

Learning a new language can do wonders for a traveller. When you visit a foreign land, you get to enjoy the visible sceneries and vivid culture. But when it comes to mingling with the hospitable people of that land, you will always have that language barrier ruining the fun. When you visit a place and you start talking to them in their mother tongue, they become more hospitable. You can learn a new language like Spanish — spoken in many countries — and finally get to experience a deeper side of many different cultures through it. You can also check if you have been learning a new language and need a native partner to practice with.

It Can Prove Good for Your Career

Having a foreign language on your CV is never a bad option. Not only does it tell your employer that you have the skill to learn another language, but it can also give you an advantage in certain scenarios. The entire world is connected digitally today and a lot of businesses make deals with foreign companies. That is why the demand for bilingual people is increasing day by day and if you are applying to a company that is in business with a foreign country whose language you have learned, then you will be their priority choice.

It Gives You a New Perspective

Learning a new language from another culture can open your mind and can give you a new perspective. All of us have a perspective that is tied to our cultural learning. Anyone who has ever travelled to a place with an entirely different culture has experienced that change in their perspective. And if you want to widen yours, there is an even simpler way of doing it and that is by learning a foreign language. The language itself can show you how the people in that culture perceive the world. It will not only help you connect with them but you will develop a deep sense of understanding and empathy as well.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay