The job market is so competitive right now, which is why it’s so important that you focus on your education. Having a degree opens up a lot of new job opportunities and even though a lot of people say that a degree is worthless because everybody’s got one, that isn’t true and you will still benefit.

However, a degree isn’t worth what it used to be because more people have them. It no longer sets you apart from the majority of other applicants when you apply for a job, so you need to find other ways to set yourself apart. Employers do want to see a degree, but they also want to see other skills and qualifications outside of that. It’s those extras that show that you can go above and beyond and improve your skillset in order to make you a more valuable employee. These are some of the best skills for graduates to learn if they want to be more employable.

Learn Another Language

Speaking another language is such a great life skill, in general, and it has a lot of long-term benefits. It’s useful when you travel and it’s a great way to exercise your brain, and it also looks great on a job application. Learning another language is hard and it shows that you are willing to dedicate yourself to a task for a long time in order to become fluent in another language. In some cases, it may also be useful in the job if the company that you are applying for does business overseas. There are so many great free apps that can help you learn the basics of a language but if you want to become fluent in it, you may need to get some lessons as well.

Learn First Aid

All businesses are required to have a certain number of first aid trained staff in case of an emergency. Most business owners would prefer to have more than the recommended number of first aiders around as well because it just helps to keep people safe. If nobody in the company has first aid training, they will have to pay for somebody to take the course. That’s why it’s a great idea to take first aid courses in your own time. If you apply for a job and tell them that you are already first aid trained, that is a big bonus for them and makes you an asset to the company. If it comes down to you and somebody else that doesn’t have first aid training, it could be enough to land you the job. It will also help you in everyday life as it means that you are equipped to deal with an emergency.

Learn Basic Computer Repair Skills

Everybody knows how to use a computer these days, so that won’t help you land a job. But most people have no idea how to repair a computer when it goes wrong, so knowing a few basic fixes will impress a potential employer. You won’t be able to replace their IT department, but if you know how to diagnose and fix common computer errors, you are an asset around the office because you can help to keep things running smoothly and avoid any costly downtime.

These three skills look great on your CV, and all graduates should learn them if they want to boost their chances of getting a job.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay