*This is a short clip for teaching purposes.

Cristo Foufas is a presenter for TalkRadio. In an effort to make money, is the media sacrificing fact for higher ratings? Does our obsession with ‘balance’ in reporting give unqualified people a platform? Matteo Bergamini talks to Cristo about his media journey from producing Loose Women to radio presenting. They also discuss the growing issue of ratings and experts versus opinion and provide you with top tips for ensuring you don’t get caught out by misinformation.

Media Minded mini audio clips give teachers classroom friendly audio to help teachers and students explore the bizarre world of misinformation and conspiracies, with interviews from the journalists tasked with fighting them. Each mini audio clip focuses on accounts from the journalist being interviewed, perfect for class-based activities or teacher CPD. Listen to first-hand experience working in the fast-moving world of breaking news and hear in-depth accounts of investigations into disinformation campaigns.

Presented by Matteo Bergamini
Edited and recorded by Sabina Mckenzie Brown.

This podcast is made possible thanks to the kind support and sponsorship of the US embassy in London and the global engagement centre at the US state department.