While there are plenty of challenges to managing or running a business, perhaps the trickiest and most exciting phase is at the very beginning. It can be exciting to try to manoeuvre a company through a competitive business landscape — especially during its first year. You often have to deal with plenty of concurrent issues. There is also the problem of the downward spiral called, obscurity. It is the reason why even if it might be exciting, many starry-eyed business owners end up doing more harm than good.

You can focus on every other aspect and get them right, but without exposure and goodwill things can still go wrong. It is the reason why targeted marketing is so crucial to success, and why it is important to get a head start. Here are just a few ways to fight obscurity as a startup company.

Fighting obscurity through goodwill

One of the best ways to build your company’s reputation would be to treat your employees with the respect that they deserve. Keep in mind that those who apply to work in your startup will likely see your company as a stepping stone rather than a permanent placement. It is something that cannot be helped for most startups, but you can alleviate the issue by focusing on things you can control.

For example, you can make use of employee incentives to show your workers that the company cares about and values their input. Incentives may be anything from cash bonuses, extra days off per year, additional days’ holiday over the year etc.

Making the push for popularity with SEO professionals

There was a time when search engine optimisation was one of the most popular ways to boost exposure for the business websites. It was something of a phenomenon, before eventually becoming less popular as the years went by. However, in today’s business landscape, search engine optimisation is surprisingly effective — having grown over the years to become effective through subtlety.

There are even companies out there that specialise in search engine optimisation. SEO consultancy is a huge industry which encompasses many marketing disciplines. It can give your business an edge, even if you might not necessarily know the ins and outs of SEO. An SEO consultant will help you make things easier.

Boosting popularity through social media

While it is understandable to be intimidated by marketing due to how expensive it can be, there are surprising alternatives to traditional marketing that will not cost a single penny to operate. The use of a social media platform is entirely free and will provide your company with the best platform to build a clever marketing campaign. Brand exposure spreads like wildfire with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as a few examples.

While it might be challenging to try and boost popularity for a startup — especially with so many competitors — there are ways to edge out the competition. By going for SEO, pushing for incentives, and boosting your exposure with social media, you will give your company the fighting chance it needs to find success.


Image by Ibrahim Adabara from Pixabay