Studying abroad is a popular choice for many UK students, with the USA, Australia and France the most popular destinations. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are questions regarding what, if anything, prospective students plan to do after finishing sixth form or college and moving on to university.

These students may already have a plan, but the pandemic has thrown everything into disarray. And if you are on the fence about whether to postpone your education for a year or dive into it, here are a few cases for why studying abroad could be beneficial if you wait a while.

You Will Challenge Yourself

Living in any new environment is a challenge. While university life can be a challenge in itself, this is further compounded if you move away from your friends and family. Whether you move to Europe, Asia, or North America, you will face a variety of challenges that you would not experience in the UK. Still, while these are scary, they can also help you grow as you step from your comfort zone and push yourself to succeed somewhere that is new and unfamiliar.

You Can Experience a New Culture

Everyone should do their part to experience different cultures throughout their lives. Otherwise, how do you expect to develop compassion for your fellow humans on the other side of the world? Studying abroad gives you the chance to embrace this and become immersed in a culture completely different from your own. Even typical westernised countries, such as Germany, France or the US bring cultural differences that may seem unusual at first, but as long as you embrace them, you’ll find that you adapt much faster.

You Can Find Unique Opportunities

Living in another country will open up your world to opportunities that you may not find at home. For many people who have found success, it has come from being in the right place at the right time. Any mentors you have while abroad may know someone who knows someone, and they can introduce you to them, giving you the chance to enhance your career early on. You might find opportunities that put you in unique and profitable positions, allowing you to gain vital experience for a successful career.

You Can Experience The Best Education

The standard of education at home may be good, but there are universities all over the world that will be better. Even if you take an online course, such as a Suffolk University MBA, you’re exposed to spectacular education that will put you ahead of others once you graduate. An online degree may be one of the best options right now if you can find a job in the destination of your choice. You can work and learn, and make sure that your career prospects are exciting when you graduate.

A Chance for Adventure

Having your whole future thrown into uncertainty is not how you envisioned the months leading up to starting university, and it’s understandable to feel helpless. However, if you are unsure about your next steps, consider the benefits that can come from international study once that is possible, so that you can get your future back on track.


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash