Everyone likes a good story. These conspiracy theories have a proven time record, continuing to disturb and tickle the mind.


Public poisoning by order of the government?

This is the ‘Chemtrail’ conspiracy theory. Believers of the theory think that the residual condensation trails left behind by aeroplanes are actually ‘chemtrails’. The theory says that chemtrails are either chemical or biological agents, purposely left in the sky for reasons unknown to the general public. Believers claim that normal trails vanish quickly, whilst contrails that continue to linger must contain different added substances. Conspiracists suggest that governments are doing this to serve various clandestine purposes; including population control, biological or chemical warfare, psychological manipulation, weather modification and a range of other things. The trails are said to cause health issues and a variety of respiratory illnesses.

Actually …,

There is no evidence to this claim and the scientific community has been quick to call it bluff. However, it all started with a report in 1996 about weather modification. Following its release in the late ’90s the United States Air Force were accused of, ‘spraying the U.S. population with mysterious substances’. Supposedly, this was done by ‘generating unusual contrail patterns’.

People believe this is being done largely for financial reasons. Amongst them, manipulating future prices for the benefit of drug companies by making people sick — with a view towards population control, since not everyone will be able to survive. Weapons testing is another big one.

The 2014 review found that people believe chemtrails are toxic and that every person is under attack, expressing their anxiety and anger.

Disney – A betrayal of your childhood?

The major media conglomerate that has spread joy, excitement, and fairy-tales to kids across the globe has been suspected of planting hidden meanings within the context of its movies. Meanings that reveal a more sinister side to Disney.

This theory concerns Walt Disney himself, the creator of the fantasy empire. Some say that when Walt passed away, he was cryogenically preserved for a future time when he could be brought back to life. There is even an argument that Frozen was created to distract viewers from the fact that Mr Walt Disney has remained frozen since 1966.

So, when people go online and search ‘Disney’ and ‘Frozen’, the main results coming up are the movie. Is this a clever way of manipulating the masses into forgetting the truth by stopping them from being able to search for answers?

You decide.

But what about the theory that Disney films have hidden or reverse meanings?


In the movie UP, for example, some say Carl dies at the beginning following the court’s ruling. Conspiracists argue that he is dead throughout the rest of the movie and that the magical trip to Paradise falls is Carl in the afterlife. Meanwhile, the little boy Russell is actually an angel trying to earn his wings — presented in the form of a Wilderness Explorer Badge. Crazy — right? But that’s not all. The character of Charles Muntz is in fact a fallen angel, bitter and hell-bent on taking Carl to the underworld. The story now goes that Russell guides Carl through his emotional journey in the afterlife, keeping him clear of the dark side. As a reward he is thus able to earn his wings.

Project ‘Mk-Ultra’

MK-Ultra is also referred to as the CIA mind-control program. This was a series of experiments on human subjects that were carried out to by the CIA, some of which were illegal. Their purpose was to identify and develop drugs that could be used in interrogations to weaken the subject and force confessions — hence the ‘mind control’ reference.

The project was organised through the CIA and coordinated with the United States Army Biological Warfare Laboratories. The operation halted in 1973 after it had engaged in many illegal activities. These used American and Canadian citizens as unwitting subjects.

MK-Ultra employed different methods of manipulation to alter the mental state and brain functioning of their subjects. Techniques included secret administrations of high doses of psychoactive drugs, other chemicals, electrocution, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, sexual abuse, and various forms of torture.

MK-Ultra was a big experiment, with research undertaken at over 80 different institutions. The CIA operated using fake organisations, though top officials at these institutions knew of the CIA’s involvement.

Public knowledge

This was brought to the attention of the public in 1975 by the Church Committee. Efforts to investigate the illegal activities carried out by a government organisation were hindered. The CIA Director, Richard Helms ordered all MK-Ultra files to be destroyed in 1973. Subsequently, investigations purely relied on the testimony of participants in the program and on the small number of documents that survived Helm’s file incineration. A freedom of Information act in 1997 unearthed 20,000 documents. Some remaining files were declassified in 2001. One of these documents was a letter to an anonymous doctor explaining the work on six dogs. The animals were made to run, turn and stop all via remote control and brain implants.


The exact number of deaths resulting from the program remain unknown due to the destruction of highly classified documents. Some of the deaths that have been linked to MK-Ultra include that of Frank Olson. Frank was a United States Army biochemist and biological weapons researcher. Mr Olson was given LSD without his knowledge in 1953. One week later, he died by throwing himself out of a window. A CIA doctor who was assigned to keep an eye on Frank claimed that he ‘fell’ out of the window after a severe psychotic episode.

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