It does not matter what you work as or where you work. All jobs carry risks. Even if you have a desk job and use a 9 to 5 shift. Even then, you are prone to suffer from stress-related injuries.

Simply put, accidents can happen anytime and anywhere.

Comparing different jobs, we can determine which positions carry a greater risk of accident and potential work claim procedure. Hence, you need to stay informed and understand your fundamental worker compensation  rights, should anything occur.

Below is a list of jobs that pose a greater risk of getting injured. But these also compensate for their workers’ injuries, in case of accidents.

Construction Work

construction work involves many risk factors. Workers might accidentally fall off a ladder or, even worse, the roof they are working on. Construction work is amongst the most common jobs to get involved in work-related accidents. There are numerous dangers involved with construction sites since these are replete with heavy machinery, construction equipment and debris. If you are working on the construction site, it is recommended that you know the rightful accidents at work claim procedure.

Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers, such as doctors and nurses, are prone to fall victim to work-related accidents and injuries. These accidents can be stress-related too. Many nurses get their backs injured when they lift patients and transfer them to different wards. Different jobs involve greater or fewer risk factors when it comes to accidents, being wounded, or falling sick. Sometimes, working consecutive longer shifts can lead to chronic stress that impacts doctors and nurses’ mental and emotional health.


Loggers perform one of the most dangerous jobs. Many workers get accidentally hurt while taking down massive trees. They also engage with heavy equipment, such as chainsaws, which carry their own health risk. Usually, logging companies run numerous safety standards, but there is still a chance for loggers and on-site workers to get fatally wounded.


Miners face one of the most dangerous risks for accidents and injuries. Miners are regularly exposed to a high-risk environment, which can hurt their health. For instance, coal dust inhalation can result in a severe health issue known as miner’s lung. The symptoms of which include shortness of breath and the scarring of lung tissue. The noise inside the mines can also damage the ears of the miners. Miners are also exposed continuously to uneven and dangerous surfaces. Not to mention the constant vibrations occurring within the mines that can cause serious development of health issues, such as musculoskeletal disorder.

Police Officers

The police department is always at a greater risk of injury since they put their lives on the line — something that comes with the job. If you are in such a position then it’s crucial to know your rights. The same goes for pilots, drivers, and firefighters. People in these occupations are at constant risk of serious injury. Aircraft and highway accidents can occur anywhere and anytime, so know your worker’s rights.