We all know the importance of family during this difficult time, but it seems that now the ideals of family time are completely ripped apart by working from home. Everybody has had to fashion a home office of some sort, and as 2020 is almost at an end what can we do to start the new year with simple and genuinely helpful sentiments for 2021? Family time is vital, but it can be a very disparate entity. Let’s find simple ways to refocus our efforts on positive sentiments.

Reinvigorating the Home Space

We may find our home beginning to feel like a prison for many reasons. Changing the feel and look of the space can do wonders. A space like the kitchen becomes a hub for activity and cosiness, but is also an environment where your family can begin to reconnect. Because no doubt 2020 has involved a lot of harsh words and stony silences, changing the look of the kitchen can be a perfect opportunity to create a new sensation. This is easily done. You can change the fixtures and add engineered wood flooring or little components to completely reinvigorate the space.

The Importance of Quality Time, Not Quantity Time

We may all feel that we see enough of our family as we’ve been in such close quarters, but has quality time been high on the agenda? This is something we’ve all got to change. It’s not necessarily about the amount of time we spend with our loved ones, but making sure that the time we do spend is good quality time. Everybody is working right now and when a modern 21st-century household starts to feel detached from each other, it doesn’t bode well. Focusing on quality time can make a massive difference. Naturally, this is something that we all know at the back of our minds, but it can seem impossible to achieve because of numerous pressures. We tend to think that the more time we spend with our loved ones the better. Not quite. If we focus on quality as a starting point, this will make a bigger impact in the long run.

Now Is the Time for Embedding Family Rituals

As we begin the long road to recovery after Covid, using this time with our family can be the perfect opportunity to lay the foundation that will last us the rest of our lives. Family rituals may very well be a thing of the past for some families who are in high-pressure jobs. But with the likelihood of working remotely being here to stay, or at the very least a balance being put in place, this allows families to embed sturdy rituals that will help improve relationships in the long run. It’s not just occasions where families come together. It’s about the little things, like bedtimes and ensuring that we, the parents, are at home more. Spending ten minutes reading to your child properly, will bring you many happy memories down the line and benefit your child more.