In the past years, CBD oil has gained more popularity because of its medicinal properties. It is a natural compound that seems to have a good response in certain treatments.

Cannabidiol or CBD, is one of more than a hundred cannabinoids of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa), like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

However, CBD does not generate a psychoactive effect, unlike THC cannabinoid, which causes the sensation of getting ‘high’. This is the reason why there is still controversy and doubts about legality concerning products made from cannabis, such as CBD oil. So, we’re here to explain how the laws in the UK work regarding CBD oil.

Relevant facts

The CBD used to produce oil is obtained from a variety of cannabis (hemp) that has a really low THC concentration. CBD is not a drug and it is not illegal, because it isn’t a psychoactive compound. It is known for its benefits in a variety of treatments and it is available in shops around the UK, being legal in this country. However, UK law declares that CBD must meet certain norms to be legal and available for consumption.

CBD laws and regulations in the UK

As we mentioned before, the fact that CBD is non-intoxicating makes it legal in many countries, including the UK. However, there are very strict rules regarding CBD law, such as:

  • In the UK, CBD is legal, but only if it contains less than 0.2% of THC (because THC is considered a class B drug by the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, therefore it is a controlled substance).
  • CBD is legal in the UK, but only if it has been extracted from an industrial hemp strain approved by the government.
  • It is illegal for people to grow their own plants (cannabis or hemp) in the UK.
  • Only licensed producers (granted by the UK Home Office) can extract CBD from hemp.
  • You must be a licensed medical distributor to sell CBD, or you must sell it as a nutritional supplement.
  • Selling CBD flowers and buds is illegal, no matter the content of THC, even if it is below 0.2%.
  • All CBD products must be labelled according to the Food Supplement Regulations 2003
  • CBD Vape Products are handled under the non-nicotine regulations.

Consumption of CBD products in the UK

There are tons of different brands and product types of CBD that people can consume and use in the UK, like CBD oils, capsules, sprays, and skincare. They must be regulated by the MHRA in order to be safe and legal for consumption.

However, such products are not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or those taking medication.

The recommended amount of CBD people should take is no more than 70 mg a day, according to the Foods Standard Agency. Unless your doctor prescribes otherwise. The products packaging must contain the appropriate information in order for people to take the right dosage of CBD. It is important to always consult a specialist to check which is the suitable dosage for each treatment.

Keep in mind, not every CBD product sold on the street is properly licensed and authorized.

Therefore, it is recommended to always purchase CBD products from trusted websites, pharmacies or stores to ensure the legitimacy of the product.

Is travelling with CBD oil allowed?

You can take CBD-legalized products on domestic flights within the UK, but it is better to confirm with the airline if it is ok. Keep in mind that CBD oil is categorized as a liquid, therefore it will be subject to the 100 ml liquid rule for hand luggage.

When it comes to driving while taking CBD, within the UK, you should be safe. However, always check the product´s information to see if any side effects could affect you.

If you are travelling internationally, you must always check the laws of the country you are visiting regarding CBD products, as many of them forbid all varieties of cannabis-based goods. CBD is forbidden in countries like Russia and China and in other places too, such as Malta — where it’s only allowed if you have a doctor’s prescription. In countries like the US, the laws regarding CBD vary by state.

Therefore, you should check the local rules about CBD before you travel, wherever it is you are going.

If you want to travel with CBD oil, make sure you have all the permits required according to the legislation of each country. You must also check the rules and conditions of the airline you are flying with.