The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of our lives. For millions of workers, though, working from home has been arguably the biggest. However, as normality returns, could remote working be here to stay?

And if so, what can workers do to take control of things and enjoy a better long-term situation?

Let’s find out.

The Remote Working Situation

Despite the initial hesitation and issues, many employers and employees have now settled into working from home. In fact, it is suggested that 85 per cent of people want to keep working from home while one-in-three would rather quit their job than return to the workplace. Even if the reality of the situation is that most people would return if asked, remote working is now very popular.

Business owners can find several benefits from adopting this approach for at least some of their work. Some of the rewards gained from this approach include:

  • Save operational costs on equipment and office spaces
  • Maintain Covid-safety with ease
  • Avoid unnecessary and wasted communications
  • Expand the workforce without expanding work premises
  • Create a 24/7 operation.

Some aspects of business do still need to be handled on-site for the sake of productivity, practicality, and profitability. Nonetheless, business owners have had their eyes opened to the positives of remote working. And if it keeps employees happy too, they’d be foolish to ignore it.

In short: a lot of people will return to the workplace, but remote working will become more common.

So, What Can Workers Do About It?

Whether working from home through choice or enforcement, workers need to feel in control of the situation. Remote working on a permanent basis will be significantly different to doing it on a temporary basis. No longer will it feel like a break from the office. So, a conscious effort to create a better working situation is essential.

Here are six of the best ways that workers can adapt to the situation.

#1. Build Comfortable Home Workspaces

If working from home for a day, the sofa is fine. Permanent remote working will need home upgrades to ensure that the house feels comfortable and productive. A good office table and chair will provide a solid starting point.

However, you also need to ensure that the lighting and privacy situations are under control. Shutters by Shuttercraft enable you to build a winning setup. Adding a door lock will allow you to avoid distractions caused by family members.

By switching to paperless filing, you can prevent the threat of cluttered vibes. This will enable you to maintain increased motivation.

#2. Ask Employers For Assets

It’s not only a bad worker who blames their tools. If you are unable to complete assignments with speed and accuracy due to inferior tech features, it will impact your work. Ultimately, it will be your employer’s responsibility to provide the right items.

Learning to ask employers for those items as soon as their necessity becomes clear is vital. This could range from laptops and graphic tablets to software packages. Hardware, such as headsets for customer care agents, may also be included.

Contractors and freelancers will need to invest in their own items, though. Unless an item is needed exclusively for the client’s job.

#3. Establish A Good Work-Life Balance

Direct upgrades to your work life at home are vital. However, it should not be forgotten that remote working does pose a few obstacles. Homeworkers are less active in the workday and also miss out on social interactions. Physical and mental wellbeing can suffer.

Consequently, placing greater emphasis on the work-life balance is vital. Bicycles at Halfords provide an easy solution for light exercise and exploration of the local area. Meanwhile, arranging days out with loved ones is shown to be hugely important.

Above all else, workers are advised to let themselves shut off from work at the end of the day. Otherwise, they can quickly feel trapped inside their own homes.

#4. Stay Connected

Face-to-face interactions aren’t likely to happen very often when you work remotely. Then again, working from home doesn’t mean you will never have a day at the office. Similarly, away days and staff outings can help you remain a part of the team.

Even so, you will want to retain some level of connection on a daily basis. Team project management tools allow you to collaborate with greater ease. Video conferencing is another very popular method. It is very important for productivity and morale.

Technological advancements are what have enabled remote working. Ignoring the full range of capabilities in terms of communication would be a major problem.

#5. Find Entitlements

As a home-based worker or entrepreneur, you will find that home running costs increase. Heating, electricity, and other utilities will be used more frequently. For employees, this may entitle you to ask an employer to cover those funds.

For self-employed workers, it will be possible to claim back some of those expenses. Speaking to experts like More Than Accountants is the best way to find out. By removing some of the financial strain, it should be easier to maintain the right mindset.

Some people will feel guilty about seeking their entitlements when working from home as it’s new. You shouldn’t. It’s key for your career and happiness.

#6. Look For New Opportunities

Once remote working has been made more comfortable and productive, it’s important to avoid settling into the comfort zone. You still have aspirations of climbing the ladder or at least increasing your earnings. But only you can set out to achieve them.

Developing yourself as a candidate is vital. Therefore, embracing new skills and completing online courses is highly advised. You can also look to find the value of your CV to learn how much you should be earning in comparison to others.

Alternatively, you could simply work the extra hour that would usually be spent commuting. Either way, making the most of the opportunity is vital.

The Verdict

Remote working has become more accessible and is likely to be a long-term fixture for millions. With the right preparations, it can make your life more enjoyable.