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  • Is ‘Bogus Media’ the Future? From deepfakes of a naked Taylor Swift to fake recordings of Joe Biden’s voice, AI is increasingly being used to manufacture lies. From misinformation to disinformation, it now takes seconds to create convincing articles, images and audio that fool even the keenest of observers because of their high quality. Studies reveal that people tend to believe AI-generated content on X (fake or otherwise), more than human-generated content. As of May 2024, the number of fake ‘news’ websites with fabricated news stories has mushroomed from 49 to 750 within 12 months.
  • Should Faith-Based Schools Expand? Faith schools in England comprise around one-third of all state schools. The government’s proposal to drop the cap on faith admissions would permit schools to select pupils exclusively on religious grounds by scrapping the 50 per cent rule which says that half can come from a non-religious background. Critics argue that the proposal would only widen the attainment gap between schools given the tendency of faith-based schools to accept higher-performing and less disadvantaged students.
  • Three Unbelievably True Facts! It takes 19 minutes to fall from the North Pole to the Earth’s core. 2. A hippo’s jaws are wide enough to fit a sports car. 3. All the electricity powering the internet weighs no more than an apricot.
  • Is Eurovision Guilty of Double Standards? Greta Thunberg and pro-Palestinian activists have gathered in Malmo, Sweden, to protest Israel’s admission to the Eurovision Song Contest. Two years ago, Russia was famously banned from participating. One protestor commented: ‘I’m here today because I see the hypocrisy and double standards around the world.’ Adding: ‘We are against what’s happening in Gaza right now. But I also want people to understand that we don’t hate Jews.’
  • TikTok Fights Misinformation: TikTok has become the first video-sharing platform to openly use Content Credentials by labelling its AI-generated material when uploaded elsewhere. TikTok’s Head of Operations & Trust and Safety, Adam Presser, said: ‘… we want to make sure that people have that ability to understand what fact is and what is fiction.’
  • Is LSD the Cure for Depression? Research into the effects of psychedelic drugs reveals an activation of serotonin levels that may have ‘therapeutic effects’ in patients with neuropsychiatric disorders. It is hoped that psychedelic-derived medication without hallucinogenic properties will soon become available to treat a range of disorders from depression to anxiety.

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