Electric windows may not be something you’ve thought of, but the advantages are tempting.

Are you happy with the windows in your property? Many homeowners dream of time spent gazing out onto nature on sunny afternoons. Of French-style shutters, both eye-catching from outside and able to be cast open with ease. But windows aren’t just an aesthetic choice — they play a key role in preserving our health too.

Considering us Brits spend 90 per cent of our time indoors, welcoming in natural light during the day is important for both our physical and mental health. Effective windows can prevent straining to read and help combat vitamin D deficiency. Their role in ventilation is also crucial — indoor air pollution remains a serious concern worldwide.

But what about those with mobility issues or windows in hard-to-reach locations? Installing window controls — such as those available from Rocburn — could offer a practical solution.

How do window controls work?

Window controls come in various forms, from manual devices, to effortless electric options. They allow property owners to open or close windows without having to get up or access them themselves, potentially risking injury in the process.

They can be high-tech too. Some electric window controls use sensors to open or close based on temperature, rain, wind, CO2, or simply the time of day.

Advantages of electric windows

Window controls are popular in a variety of commercial spaces, from large stores to school environments. But electric windows have many benefits for homeowners too.


Regardless of physical mobility, those with windows in tricky positions may feel unable or unwilling to open them manually. Skylights are one example here. But armed with a controller system, previously inaccessible windows can be opened and close in seconds.

This accessibility can be life-changing for disabled or elderly residents. Opening heavy windows can become tiring and even dangerous, especially when done several times a day. Window controls can remove this risk entirely and help maintain independence.

Fresh air

By leading to windows being opened more often, these controls also help create a flow of fresh air while removing stale air particles. This benefit is particularly noticeable in stuffy rooms with limited natural light. For residents who can’t get outside easily, the health benefits can be considerable.

Efficient energy use   

New windows may come with an initial outlay. But over time homeowners can actually keep energy costs down by controlling room temperature naturally. In a similar way to central heating timers, this is especially true if programming windows to open and close at certain times of day.

Could window controls enhance your home life?


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay