With lockdown slowly coming to an end and daily life returning to some kind of normality, many workers, employees, and freelancers across the UK may be wondering what the future will bring in terms of returning to the office or working from home.

Could working from home be here to stay? One size doesn’t fit all here, but the general consensus seems to be that a lot of companies will implement a combination of office-based work and flexible home office days. For those who will continue to work from home in some capacity, having a dedicated home office desk or space is highly recommended. Below are some tips for setting up a long-term WFH space in your house or apartment.

Creating a comfortable WFH space

Whether you work from your kitchen table or have an entire room kitted out with a desk, office chair, printer, and extra monitors, it is important to set up your workspace to be as comfortable as possible. A little bit of DIY goes a long way, but if you do embark on some DIY work, be sure to prepare adequately for the task. To repaint a room you will need tools such as brushes, paint and masking tape, at minimum. For the likes of home repairs on furniture, baskets, or other small household items, glue or adhesive is the ultimate tool for making DIY easier.

For a long-term home office, investing in suitable furniture is the best option. Some companies may even provide some items for their employees. In small apartments and houses, arranging the furniture strategically and investing in smart storage solutions can help make a home office work for you. Plus, there are clever ways to use space in a small home to set up an area to work from. Other ideas to create a comfortable workspace include the following:

  • If you invest in one item for your home office, make it an office chair
  • Storage items such as drawers, stationery holders and baskets are ideal for keeping your desk tidy and organised
  • Try to put your work laptop away in a drawer each evening to help the transition to the evening’s relaxation time
  • Keep a water bottle on your desk to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Check the ergonomics of your desk and chair position to help reduce back and neck pain
  • If you have the budget, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be a godsend for those working near others

Style your Space

There is lots of inspiration to be found online for anyone who wants to create a comfortable and stylish home office space. Small touches can make a huge difference to the working day. For instance, styling your background so it is always Zoom-call ready, or positioning your desk beside a window for plenty of natural light. Desk storage to help your desk stay neat and organised will also promote focus during the working day. Using interior decor tricks like separating an area with carpet or sectioning off part of the wall can help define a dedicated workspace that helps you switch into work mode and focus when needed.

Whatever your preference, working in the office or from home, a comfortable area to work from is crucial in maintaining physical and mental wellness throughout the working week. Going forward, it looks likely that working from home is here to stay for a lot of people in some capacity, so it is worth preparing now by investing in a great home office for the long term.