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  • The Missing 8 Million: Up to eight million UK voters could lose the chance to cast their vote on June 4 by not being properly registered or lacking an acceptable photo ID. The deadline for registering is Tuesday, June 18 and the deadline to apply for free photo ID is June 26. Unlike the over 65s, who are mostly all registered, amongst 18 and 19-year-olds, the figure stands at 60 per cent.
  • Is National Service a ‘Raw Deal’? Rishi Sunak’s proposed reintroduction of National Service has been widely criticised as adding to the burdens already faced by vulnerable young people. With cuts to youth services, a pandemic, and a growing mental health crisis amongst young people, the most disadvantaged will struggle to give up weekends or an entire year out of the job market.
  • Cultural Relativism or Miscarriage of Justice? A 20-year-old Roma man has been acquitted of rape after he impregnated a 12-year-old girl. Spain has around 750,000 Roma people. As part of a new cultural awareness strategy, a Spanish court cleared the man of rape, arguing that such relations are a normal part of the Romani culture.
  • A Ban on Puberty Blockers or Trans Kids? Citing ‘risks to patient safety,’ the UK Government has enforced a ban on the prescription of puberty blockers to the under-18s across England, Scotland and Wales until September 3, 2024. Critics argue such moves deliberately target trans people since puberty blockers have been in use for the last 40 years.
  • Why Do Some Kids Stutter? Between 5-10 per cent of children stutter and 1 per cent will continue into adulthood. Research reveals that unlike previously thought, stuttering is not a psychological disorder but a brain disorder affecting specific nodes in the brain’s network. The findings open doors to a better cure that could involve brain stimulation to treat the problem at the root.
  • Put that in Your Pipe and … No, don’t smoke it! Today, May 31, is officially World No Tobacco Day. Started in 1987 by Member States of the World Health Organisation to alert the public to the dangers of tobacco use, this year will give a special platform to young people to make their case against targeted tobacco marketing. Globally, 37 million 14 and 15-year-olds use tobacco. And in all regions, children outstrip adults in e-cigarette usage.

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