Has your car been giving you nothing but trouble as of late? Has it taken you about as far as it can possibly go and is now ready to be retired? Shopping for a new car is always a sizeable undertaking, but how do you go about shopping for a new vehicle during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Just like so many other places around the world, Northern Ireland is currently under lockdown restrictions, which complicates normal everyday activities. And despite the fact that there is talk restrictions may lift a little earlier than in other parts of the UK, there is still the question of how to safely shop for a new car. Here we’ll take a look at some essential tips for buyers specifically in Northern Ireland who are looking to purchase a new car during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use the Internet to Your Advantage

Because most people like to research different makes and models before making a final decision, this is something you can use your home internet to do. Take your time to visit not only the official dealer pages but also review sites so you can get a clear picture. There are even some sites that allow for 360-degree views of the interior and exterior of the vehicle rather than traditional pictures.

Don’t Expect to Just Walk into a Dealership

It’s also important you realise that not all dealerships will be open, which means you can’t assume you can walk into a showroom. For many car dealers that are open, the focus seems to be on servicing vehicles instead. In other words, they are just conducting emergency repairs. The best advice is to call your local dealer and enquire as to whether or not they are open.

With that said, the UK government has recently told dealers they can, in fact, begin to sell cars again, with the social distancing in place. Still, it’s best to call ahead.

There are Deals to Be Had

If it’s a deal you’re after, the good news is that there are plenty to be found right now. From lower financing rates to a break on payments for a specified number of months, and even some room when it comes to negotiating the sticker price, there are definitely deals to be had.

Ensure You’re Getting a Great Deal on Car Insurance

Then there is your car insurance, which you can actually find a great deal on too. With the lockdown period and the current state of the economy, you will more than likely be looking to cut costs wherever possible. To get a great deal on car insurance in NI, use websites like CompareNI that are dedicated to providing NI comparison quotes on car insurance. All you have to do is fill in the simple form and you’ll be given a list of quotes so you can find the best deal out there.

Find the Car You’re After

So, while these are certainly not ‘normal’ times, that doesn’t mean you can’t research and find that perfect car, and actually go ahead and buy it. In fact, thanks to the amount of deals out there, this could end up being a great time to make the purchase.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay