Studying abroad is always fun. You have a unique chance to explore a new country and culture without paying for travelling and hotel accommodation. Besides, you become a local for the period of your study, able to learn more about the host state and examine the hidden highlights that usual tourists may never find.

If you study in the UK, you’re lucky! This country has a vibrant culture and is rich in various amusements that you must try before graduating and possibly leaving it forever. Here are some tips from experts of a writing service company regarding how to spend your time during your stay in the UK. These include what places to visit, what dishes to taste, and what amusements to experience to get a real feel of what the UK is like.

Visit Stonehenge

There are not many mystical natural monuments like Stonehenge in the world, and in case you have a lucky chance to spend some time in the UK, visiting this site is a must. This place possesses a gigantic unexplainable force and power that all people acknowledge regardless of their beliefs. Some people think that the monument was built by aliens; others believe in the mysterious technology of prehistoric civilizations. No matter what it was, Stonehenge leaves nobody indifferent. You will gain memories for life if you reserve a day or two for a visit.

Take a Tour across London

Speaking about London may take days, if not weeks, as the city is unique in terms of the authentic British feel and atmosphere. Here, the old is amazingly mixed with the new, and conservative British traditions are in the air. Even if you walk around the city on the evenings or weekends, you’ll come across dozens of notable monuments and attractions. But being more precise with your plans, you’ll get acquainted with this megapolis much better, taking some fantastic memories and impressions home with you.

But let’s suppose that you’re in London only for a couple of days. What is the mandatory minimum for a London tourist to explore once they are in the city? We surely recommend visiting the city center where you’ll never miss Buckingham Palace, the current residence of the Royal Family, and Trafalgar Square with its iconic monuments found on all London postcards. Other notable highlights include the world-famous Piccadilly Circus and breathtaking views of the London Bridge. Fans of religious architecture will also find a long list of places to visit, like St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, and Holy Trinity.

Have Fun in Paultons Park

Paultons Park in Romsey also referred to as the Peppa Pig World, became the #1 amusement park in the UK in 2018. So, if you’re adventurous enough and love to have active fun with thrills and screams, then it should be your number one destination on one of your weekends.

Play the Game of Thrones

Everybody knows that Game of Thrones was partly produced in Northern Ireland. But not everyone is aware that there are more than two dozen tourist locations there, allowing the fans of this HBO series to experience the Game of Thrones in real life. So, if you adore the series, you can conduct a pilgrimage to the iconic shooting locations, see the Iron Islands, House Starks Winterfell, and the dark hedges near Armoy with your own eyes. Unforgettable impressions are guaranteed!

Try at Least One Shepherd’s Pie

Many people falsely associate the modern British cuisine with fish and chips, but it’s much more diverse (and much more delicious than many of you think!). One of the iconic British dishes that many tourists and locals love is Shepherd’s Pie. It’s very tasty and nutritious because of minced lamb and potatoes as its key ingredients. There are countless variations of the dish in different regions of the UK, some of which presuppose beef as the primary ingredient, but this variant is typically referred to as Cottage Pie. So, take a minute of rest and admire the Shepherd’s Pie in one of the cosy British cafes to feel the taste of Britain and embrace many centuries of its culinary traditions.

Overall, vegetarians may have a hard time living in the UK as all traditional dishes include some sort of meat or fish. Speaking about Shepherd’s Pie, we definitely don’t mean that you should eat it all the time. Other delicious variants of having a culinary treat include tasting Beef Wellington, Chicken Tikka Masala (though originally Asian, this dish found a firm place in the British cuisine), Eton Mess, and delicious Cornish pasties.

Take a Real Roman Bath

Do you want to take a bath as the ancient Romans did once? Then plan a weekend trip to Bath — a small city popular among tourists for the unique historical monument — the Roman baths. Its uniqueness is in the natural hot water flows replenishing and renewing the water in them, but the trick is that you can’t take a bath in it now. Contemporary tourists can only visually admire the ancient bathing rituals, but satisfying your SPA interests is also possible nearby. The Thermae Bath Spa is fuelled by the same local hot springs as the Roman bath and will give you that authentic experience.

As you can see, the UK is a vibrant country with a unique blend of modern urbanism in large cities, and a traditional, authentic countryside feel in the suburbs and rural areas. No matter which region of the UK you study, you’ll always have a handful of activities for the weekends and days off.

Don’t waste your time. Take a tour around the country welcoming you for the study period. You’ll collect some unforgettable memories about British landscapes, monuments and its cuisine for years to come if you sleep less and walk, drive, and explore more.