It’s a false assumption that any given field of work is completely inaccessible to a disabled individual, simply on account of the fact that they are disabled. In the UK, no job can be denied to a qualified individual due to their disability. The only exception of this being when the disability is in direct functional conflict. An exception to that rule will be made when the particular disability of the applicant is in direct functional conflict with the job that he/she is required to do by assuming that position.

What this means is that someone who has lost function of his/her legs due to a birth condition or an accident can very well choose to become a physician by going to medical school, or become a software engineer by completing the necessary qualifications. On the other hand, they might not be able to choose certain athletic pursuits as career options unfortunately, even if they were star athletes before the condition/disease became apparent.

Finding Help in Choosing or Restarting Careers

Disabilities have not and will not prevent people from joining any field of work that doesn’t come in direct and unsurmountable conflict with what the profession needs them to do. As a result of that, no career path is closed off to disabled individuals in general.

Having said that, not every disabled person is aware of everything that they need to be. On top of that, there is social and workplace-related discriminations to deal with, in addition to the inherent issues which come with their respective disabilities. Finding a career without the due guidance that a lot of disabled students and professionals never receive can be a very challenging task for them.

If you need any help, training or guidance regarding how to choose the right career path or find a job that suits your qualifications, reach out to Careers with Disabilities for all of it. This website has been created to support and guide people with differential abilities towards starting, restarting and finding career opportunities for people with disabilities.

Your Abilities Will Determine Your Profession

Our abilities and skills will always guide us in a certain professional direction. It has never been easier to study remotely. The reality of the pandemic has forced students to study remotely, and this is something we can use to our advantage. There are an abundance of professional qualifications that are exclusively online, such as MSN and RN programs, as well as distance learning options. It is the abilities, qualifications and innate/acquired skills of a disabled individual that should, and in most cases, will determine their profession — not their disabilities. After all, some of the greatest minds in the history of mankind had disabilities. If discrimination is made, you have the right to seek legal aid for adequate justice against any such illegal steps, if and when they are taken.

There is no denying that guidance is crucial, especially when the disability in question is severe. When adequate guidance is provided though, choosing a high-paying career even with a disability is not at all mutually exclusive by any means.