A Christmas like no other, eh? …

Well, this year, Shout Out UK’s team of Super-Elves have put together their own Grinch-worthy Christmas wishes.

Elf Lucie Spicer: Head of Educational Technology

Happy holidays everyone!

I struggled writing this message as there is honestly so much to be said about the year we have All collectively lived through. I am generally a person who tends not to reflect too much on the past — odd words from someone who took a history degree! Working at Shout Out UK has made me focus very much on the present, and keep my mind on the future.

I wish everyone an amazing break, try and forget about work (eyes on you Matteo and Rali) and concentrate instead on whether you can win the family board game (Zoom, or in-person).

I especially want to wish all the NHS staff (doctors, nurses, cleaners, receptionists and many others) happy holidays and New Year! You have been the true heroes throughout this year and definitely deserve a cheeky spot of wine and /or chocolate.

Here’s to a brighter 2021!

Elf Maddy Page: Head of Policy & Stakeholder Relations

Happy Christmas everyone!

We may have all spent the past nine months sat on our sofas eating too much chocolate, but at least now we have a holiday to use as an excuse for guilt-free gluttony.

Elf Ellie Fishleigh: Communications Officer

The best part about Christmas is Boxing Day, when you are once again released from the shackles of festive delusion and forced to face the bleak realities that scaffold your empty life. Huzzah! Once again we can look at a calendar and enjoy the sense of despair we have come to rely upon in these dark, isolated times. No end goal, no respite, no pretence — for a year, at least.

What bliss.

Begone, temporary nirvana, for you are but a glib distraction. Oh, Boxing Day, come free me of this bourgeois indulgence and return me to my existential woe!

Elf Spencer Caminsky: Digital Communications Officer

For me, the holidays are typically a time for relaxation, reflection, and ultimately an opportunity to spend time with my family — uninhibited by the usual stresses of studies or work. This year, whilst the luxury of family time will still be welcomed, especially when stay-at-home guidelines have resulted in more time alone, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to find myself a new family with the Shout Out UK team. From getting to know each of them, being privileged enough to regularly interact with the incredible community of young writers here, and helping contribute to the cause of educating the next generation, I couldn’t be more thankful — particularly in these difficult circumstances, and especially considering that this is my first full-time job out of university.

 Elf Diana Aganey: Managing Editor

I’ve been wondering if this is the Christmas when thousands of children receive a sobering truth — that Santa does not visit in person. Instead, thanks to the marvels of modern technology which made broadband installation possible at the North Pole, Mr Clause will be receiving children in a ‘private and personalised Zoom session’.

I believe this is the year for making exceptions. And on that note, I leave you to go and book my Santa slot.

Merry Christmas!

Elf Olive Baring: Project & Communications Coordinator

Having started at Shout Out UK in February, just a few weeks before the pandemic hit, I think it’s safe to say I haven’t known the company in normal times. It’s been a very crazy year, but it’s been a great experience to work with teachers and youth workers to continue delivering our programmes.

A particular highlight for me was sitting in on many of the workshops delivered at the end of our media literacy project, funded by Nesta. All of the delivery took place during the first lockdown, and it was amazing to see the young people talking to local journalists about their ideas and getting some feedback and top tips about the world of journalism!

I also loved doing outreach around London Voter Registration Week back in June. It was fun to track down the relevant people at the many schools, colleges and universities that we worked with, explaining the campaign and getting them on board to help increase voter registration in London.

A good Christmas to all our readers and writers, and the people that have supported our projects this year!

Head Elf Matteo Bergamini: CEO & Founder

The Christmas period is often a time for reflection and being thankful for all we have gained throughout the year. With the year everyone’s had it’s understandable that we might all find it hard to find things to be thankful for.

However, once we go past the despair of the pandemic, things could always be worse. I for one, am incredibly thankful that despite everything that Covid has thrown at us, Shout Out UK has continued to grow from strength to strength. There are many reasons for this, but the main one I am eternally grateful for is my staff’s dedication.

It’s easy to succumb to many things when working from home because of the constant bombardment of negativity by the media, and the swift changes this virus has forced on us. Yet all have remained resilient. Work has not just continued but is growing. Thanks to us all banding together, no matter what Covid throws at us we will continue our journey of spreading Political Literacy.

For this, I could not thank you enough.

Merry Christmas and bring on 2021!

Elf Rali Raleva: Head of Policy & Stakeholder Relations

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I hope these holidays give you all a chance to take a break, take a breath from the turbulent past months, and have a chance to gather strength for the new year.

I wish everyone an enormous amount of health, quality time with your family and friends, and the opportunity to experience the Christmas spirit as much as possible.

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