Unmissable stories for the Curious-Minded

  • With or Without You: In a landmark decision, the EU has agreed to begin accession talks with Ukraine as Hungary’s Victor Orbán left the room and later said the country is ‘ill-prepared.’
  • Yogi Shaming: An online influencer with 1.6 million followers has been called ‘vulgar’ and ‘inappropriate’ for practising yoga in public at a sacred historical site in China, opening a debate about moral decency and slut shaming.
  • GAI’s Photorealism Erodes Public Trust: After the first ‘mass-level AI misinformation case’ earlier this year, showing Pope Francis clad in a puffer jacket, fake images of celebrities and politicians are now ubiquitous with the aid of generative artificial intelligence tools. As thousands of fake images circulate the internet, misinformation is not the only issue at stake but the importance of being led by ethical principles rather than profit when developing AI assets.
  • What’s Harder than Diamonds? Apparently, carbon nitrides. Scientists from Edinburgh were among those who discovered a virtually unbreakable substance after subjecting carbon and nitrogen molecules to extreme heat and pressure. The discovery means carbon nitrides could soon replace diamonds as the ultimate engineering material.
  • Is ABS a ‘Silver Bullet’? The Government has opened a consultation inviting parents, teachers, young people and employers to state their views on the design of Advanced British Standard qualifications. With a focus on Maths, English, extended teaching hours and a broader range of topics, it is hoped that the introduction of ABS will help Britain deliver a ‘world-class education system’ that gives ‘young people the skills they need to fulfil their potential.’
  • Care for a Painted Pup? An Indian zoo confirmed the birth of three endangered African painted dog pups. Contrary to its name and appearance, the African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus) is a social but nomadic creature and a fast sprinter, reaching 44mph. There are an estimated 6,600 African Wild Dogs.

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